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Monday, September 28, 2009

(video) Sukhavati: Place of Bliss - A Mythic Journey with Joseph Campbell

In Sukhavati: Place of Bliss - A Mythic Journey with Joseph Campbell, Joseph Campbell travels the world to track the mythological symbols lefts to us by the ancients. Primal mythological signs and images evoke strong emotions and serve as a sort of public dream, according to Campbell. Campbell reasons that dreams are private myths. In the program, he suggests that each person must find a dream and follow it through -- he goes on to explain that each dream will lead the dreamer to the myth world in which they spiritually dwell. In an attempt to show people that the human soul has always walked the same path in search of true bliss, Campbell gazes through the mist of the Bronze age, explores Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity, and investigates the mysteries of the ruins of Ajanta in India, Delphi in Greece, and Stonehenge in England.

1hr 18min

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