Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(article) Chakras and Kundalini ... What's All the Fuss?

Over and over again I always hear people talking about chakras and kundalini when it comes to meditation and spiritual cultivation. Because of the early influences from Indian yoga and then the introduction of tantric methods of Tibetan Buddhism into popular consciousness, many people think that chakras and kundalini are the most important things to be cultivating on the spiritual path.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

(online book) Kundalini: Psychosis or Transcendence

In a darkened room a man sits alone. His body swept by muscle spasms. Indescribable sensation and sharp pains run from his feet up his legs and over his back and neck. His skull feels as it will burst. Inside his head he hears roaring sounds and high-pitched whistling. Then suddenly a sunburst floods his inner being. His hands burn. He feels his body tearing within. Then he laughs and is overcome with bliss.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

(video) One - The Movie

ONE The Movie weaves the novice filmmaker's remarkable adventures with the answers to life's ultimate questions in a journey that just might transform your way of seeing the world as One. Buy this movie from Amazon using this link and you will cooperate with the environmental campaigns of EcoRED International ( Know more about One The Project visiting their website

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

(movie trailer) 1 Giant Leap

One Giant Leap combines elements of film and the unifying nature of music with a nomadic essence and an appreciation for everything in the universe.

A great and profound film. See the film. Hear the music. Feel the message...and dance!

(video clip) Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666

Clip from Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666 a film by Donna Zuckerbrot, produced by Reel Time Images ( Interview with Lon Milo DuQuette.

(video clip) The Bliss and The Fear Of Kundalini and This Path

Swami G on the question - "Why does bliss come first and then I feel so much fear and upsetting emotions?"