Tuesday, February 17, 2015

(Quote) Aleister Crowley - Wisdom While you Waite

I know of a man who took up the blackest magic from sheer hatred of God and Christ, a hatred Shelleyan and Thomsonian. What happened? He found by practice that to call forth an evil spirit you must identify yourself with the god that commands him. He then saw no use for the demon, and continued with the god. Reason next said: "If with the small god, why not with the great God of all?" And in the upshot he found himself practicing exactly the same method as Molinos, St Teresa, Buddha, Father Poulain, St Paul, Meredith Starr, A. E. Waite, Aleister Crowly, and the rest --- and getting the very same results.

(Quote) Aleister Crowley - The Pilgrim

At the end of the road
I have found an abode
    In the Tavern of Night;
And behold! it is one
With the House of the Sun
    And the Palace of Light!

(Quote) Aleister Crowley - The Temple of Solomon The King

The uninitiated would expect Life and Light in the One; only by experience can he know that to man the Godhead must be expressed by those things which most he fears.