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Friday, September 25, 2009

(writing by me) Breaking Free From Perfection

It’s true that God is said to be in the heights of heaven. For those who favor the Goddess, this may seem to be at odds with their own view, because to them, they see true beauty all around them. But both views can be reconciled when one sees that they are God and that right now they are inside the Goddess.
God went inside the Goddess and together they made all of creation. God will also be born out of the Goddess, or as some would say, “transcend this world.” Then he will go back inside of her. God goes in and out of the Goddess and together they create life and love. It is an infinite cycle. It is a perpetual triumph over death and limitation. The important thing to remember is that God creates the Goddess, for the absolute Truth is that God is alone, or All/One, and if he clung to the Truth forever, he would be alone forever. He would only be One, and trapped in his own Oneness. He would be the opposite of life and diversity. By letting go of the Truth and embracing illusion (or in other words the Goddess) he can break free of his lonely prison of frozen, unchanging perfection. In this act of letting go he allows life and love to spring forth and surround him in a loving embrace, in a way that only the Goddess can. The Goddess brings the thrilling prospect of attaining perfection. This is something that God could never experience if he never let go of perfection in the first place, so in a way, you could say that the Goddess gives God perfection.

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