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Thursday, September 24, 2009

(video) Gnostic Gospels lecture by Morton Stith

The Gnostic Gospels are a class of writings about the life of Jesus which are associated with the early mystical trend of Gnostic Christianity. Morton Stith has taught art history at a number of American universities.The Pierian Spring academy is a non-profit, free-standing organization in Sarasota, Florida that offers lectures and courses for adults. Religion Philosophy icollege lecture - Ted Koszarski



  1. My video of Morton Stith’s lecture on the Gnostic Gospels is now available on You Tube.

    1. Thank you, Ted!! I am such a fan of Morton Stith. I wish I could still find his full lecture on living in a Buddhist monastery at the end of WWII. I contacted Pierian Spring about it, but they did not have a copy available at that time.