Friday, August 16, 2013

(Video) Stepping Into the Fire - Ayahuasca Documentary

"What if the life you lived, the wealth you earned, the possessions you attained, were a deception? What if the answers to all of life's questions were planted deep within the Amazons of Peru? This story takes you on a journey towards the discovery of life's purpose. Step into the fire and you may just find what you've been searching for all along. The feature documentary is about various people who need closure and strength in some aspect in their life and the different experiences and reflextions of various crew members when taking Ayahuasca and San Pedro in the rainforests of PERU. While under the guide of Chaman Mancoluto, the film also reflects on the current events such as humanities ways of thinking and living, global crisis, the importance of the rainforest to the world, among other."

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