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Saturday, September 26, 2009

(video) Ancient Egypt and Mystery Schools

What is The Mystery School of Biblical Moses? There is a complete misconception, especially from Christian channels and different sorts of "debunkers" of what is The Mystery School, specifically in relation to the ancient Egypt. A lot of ignorance and arrogance comes from the individuals who intentionally "misinterpret" the Egyptian Mystery School as it was in existence before the changes were made by the Pharaoh of 18th Dynasty Akhenaten (Akhenaton). Egyptian Mystery School is the initiatory "home" of Biblical Moses as stated in Torah-Tanach. These videos are posted for the clarification of the meaning of the Mystery School. Suffice to say that later transformation of Egyptian Mystery Schools with the insertions of other teachings including Luciferianism and Satanism produced the effect of negativism to the paradigm of "Mystery School" itself as we see it today.

Six Parts - 45min each

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