Monday, April 28, 2014

(Video) Sexual Alchemy and The Thoth Tarot - Lon Duquette

For nearly 40 years the Thoth Tarot has hidden the Secret of Sexual Alchemy.

The Thoth Tarot has
been one of the best selling and
most popular Tarot decks in the world.
Designed by Aleister Crowley, and
painted by Lady Frieda Harris, it is
considered by many to be the most
important magical object d'art of the
20th century - it is also one of the most
feared and misunderstood.

Join Crowley expert and Certified
Tarot Grand Master, Lon Milo DuQuette,
for an in-depth and entertaining look
at the magical mysteries and the
secrets of sexual alchemy hidden in
stunning imagery of the 78 cards of
the Thoth Tarot.