Thursday, May 31, 2012

(video) Path of Fire and Light - Swami Jnaneshvara

Clear, easy to understand instructions on how to practice yoga meditation.

This series of videos is a commentary by Swami Jnaneshvara on the eight steps of Yoga Meditation as described by Swami Rama in his book Path of Fire and Light, Volume 2 (ISBN 0893891126). It was recorded at Swami Rama Center on the campus of the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences near Rishikesh (the location of Sadhana Mandir, Swami Rama's ashram) and Dehradun, India. These videos were made primarily for use by visitors to Swami Rama's ashram, which is beside the Ganges at the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India, though I hope that all practitioners of yoga meditation enjoy them.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

(article) Psychedelics in Light of the Yoga Sutras - by Allowah

The Yoga Sutras mention of the use of herbs to awaken siddhis (powers, psychic abilities, etc.) is significant and should give us pause. What are the traditions around the use of aushadha (herbs, psychedelics, etc.)? Can the use of these substances be of any value on a path of spiritual development? These questions and more are explored in this article entitled Psychedelics in Light of the Yoga Sutras, by Allowah.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

(article) The Path of Ayin - The Devil

"The Path of Ayin, THE DEVIL, connects Tiphareth, the center of the Sun consciousness, with Hod, sphere of Mercury and of the intellect. The twenty-sixth Path is formative and, in terms of the structure of the self, is an intellectual bridge between the Personality and the Individuality."

"In Qabalistic terms, the Devil is not viewed as an evil entity having its own separate existence. Rather, it represents a special mystery which must be penetrated before one can directly know the Higher Principle of the Self. The Devil, which is the adversary, is the Master of manifest form which we must face and conquer."

(article) Egyptian Numerology: The Pythagorean Triangle and It's Esoteric Meaning

All religions from the time of Babylon have adopted (in one form or another) a Trinity doctrine or a triad.

"The contemplation of this figure leads to an understanding of one of nature’s most common forms of growth, growth by accretion or accumulative increase, in which the old form is contained within the new."

"The vertical side named by Osiris represented the three vital principles: Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. The long horizontal side named by Isis was the expression of the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Finally, the hypotenuse named by Horus showed five divisions, representing the five stages of the development of Life: Minerals, Plants, Animals, Humans, and Enlightened Ones."

"The fivefold symmetry of the hypotenuse symbolizes the development of life in its evolution toward the Light."

"The five sections demonstrated the theoretical distance separating the different realms. One fifth is the evolution from mineral to plant, one fifth from plant to animal, one fifth from animal to human, but the true fulfillment of the full humanity needs the last fifth of the scale to be completed."

"Above the natural human being is the one who has made himself [or herself] the subject of the Great Work, who is adept, master and Magus. The Human being who completes the Great Work by becoming one with the Father, even as the line of Horus in this triangle, completes itself by arriving at the point whence the line of Osiris descends."

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Monday, May 14, 2012

(video) Grant Morrison - Talking With Gods

 Grant Morrison is one of the most popular writers in comics, and one of the most controversial. He is the Rock Star of Comics, a philosopher and chaos magician, who has used his comics to change both himself and his audience. He is a man living on the border between FICTION and REALITY, and this is his STORY.

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Friday, May 4, 2012


This site is devoted to presenting the ancient Self-Realiation path of the Tradition of the Himalayan masters in simple, understandable and beneficial ways, while not compromising quality or depth. The practices include Yoga meditation of the Yoga Sutras, contemplation of Advaita Vedanta, and purely internal kundalini-shakti practices of Samaya Sri Vidya Tantra. These teachings of the sages of the Himalayas systematically lead one to the highest Realization of the center of consciousness.