Monday, November 24, 2014

(Quote) Paul Foster Case - The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order

"True Rosicrucianism does not fall into the ancient error of setting the spiritual against the "material." It does not seek escape from the material into the spiritual. Rather it seeks to expose the lie that there is any "material" whatever apart from the substance of pure Spirit. At the same time, though it denies there is a reality (matter) opposed to another reality (spirit), Ageless Wisdom finds useful and accurate the distinction between the terms physical and metaphysical. The "physical" is that range of spiritual activity that man perceives through his ordinary senses. The "metaphysical" is that range of spiritual activity that lies beyond ordinary sensation. Moreover, "beyond" may mean either above or below, so there may be whole fields of metaphysical reality that are relatively interior to those we know by means of our senses."

Thursday, November 13, 2014

(Article) The Chalice of Ecstasy - Frater Achad


The collective tradition of mankind is endowed with a relative infallability, and when rightly interpreted, must represent the largest truth, the most perfect beauty and the purest goodness known on earth. This transcendental truth and goodness and beauty representts the divine substratum of human nature, the ideal humanity which lies above and behind the abberations of individuals, races and periods. It is not subjected as are the latter, to Time and Circumstance or to the limitations from which the appearance of error, evil and deformity seem to spring. The legend of Parzival is not subject to Time or Circumstance; it represents a glimpse of the Eternal Reality, the Everpresent Here and Now. The circumstances of its enactment and the place wherein the festival is beheld, need not be sought outside the Human Heart that has learned to beat in time and tune with the soul of the World. All who are born of "Heart's Affliction" must eventually find their way to that spot where they "Scarcely move, yet swiftly seem to run" and having become one with "The Way, The Truth and The Life" they will discover that the shifting scenes of the world they had thought to be so real, will pass by them as a pageant until the Vision of the Grail Itself is presented to their pure Understanding. It is in the hope of awakening some spark of the smouldering fire of this inner consciousness in the hearts of those who may read these lines - not having previously understood the Legend - and from that spark enkindling a great fire that will burn up the veils which hide man from Himself - from God - that I have dared to add these fragments to the great mass of Grail Literature already given to the world. And to those who are slumbering contentedly, wrapped round with the delusion and dreams of this illusory like, I cry with Gurnemanz: Hey! Ho! Wood-keepers twain! Sleep-keepers I deem ye! At least be moving with the morning! Hear ye the call? Now thank the Lord that ye are called in time to hear it.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

(Quote) Michael Laitman - A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah

When the time of complete attainment comes: all worlds – spiritual and material – will merge into a single whole. Man will then be able to live in all worlds at the same time.

(Quote) Michael Laitman - A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah

The Kabbalah does not deal with our physical body, but only with our spiritual component. The upper world is like one creature, one soul whose parts are projected to a lower world (the one we perceive) in which we feel ourselves as distinct from each other. To explain this more simply: Because we are limited within our egoism, we feel ourselves as separated from each other, despite the fact that we are all of us actually one spiritual body. Therefore, the separation exists only within our mistaken perception, for we are all in fact one.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

(Article) Drugs and the Deathbed, by AC 2012

"Various myths about Aleister Crowley appear from time to time, which we will take a moment to briefly address. In this post we will discuss two myths surrounding Crowley’s use of drugs and his death." - AC 2012

Let this then be of great comfort to you all, that if I be so imperfect–and for very shame I have not emphasized that imperfection–if I, the chosen one, still fail, then how easy for yourselves to surpass me! Or, should you only equal me, then even so how great attainment should be yours!
Be of good cheer, therefore, since both my failure and my success are arguments of courage for yourselves. - AC

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