Wednesday, September 19, 2012

(video) The Evolution of Soul and Nervous System - Itzhak Bentov

In this video, Czech-born Israeli scientist, inventor, mystic and author, Itzhak Bentov, having personal experience in higher states of consciousness, discusses The Evolution Of Soul And Nervous System.

The presentation is called "From Atom To Cosmos" -find the video on google or Amazon.

Click here to watch the full video.

Click here to watch a clip from the video.

"Itzhak Bentov was a scientist, inventor, and an early pioneer in the research of consciousness. By blending analytical knowledge and intuitive insight, Itzhak Bentov was the first to develop what is now widely accepted today as a holographic model of reality.
"I am attempting to build a model of the universe that will satisfy the need for a comprehensive picture of 'what our existence is all about.'" - Itzhak Bentov.
This program is based on Itzhak Bentov's two books, "Stalking The Wild Pendulum," on the mechanics of consciousness, and "A Cosmic Book" on the mechanics of creation.
Includes a rare recording of Itzhak Bentov's last television appearance and his inspirational exploration of consciousness and the cosmos, presented in its original form by his wife Mirtala. Ultimately your perception of reality will be turned inside out by the facts presented in this critically acclaimed program."

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