Tuesday, September 18, 2012

(online book) Kundalini, The Evolutionary Energy in Man - Gopi Krishna

Gopi Krishna describes his own personal experience of Kundalini awakening that unfolded over more than 25 years of his life. It's a mind bending, often frightening, yet ultimately revelatory and inspiring, personal odyssey not to be missed.

Click here to read the book online for free. 

"It remains for me, as an historian of world religions, to introduce this book by putting it into the framework of Indian religious history. For Gopi Krishna is of unusual interest, first as an example of a most thorough-going mixture of East and West, and secondly as a self-taught prophet of an original kind. Gopi Krishna's approach appears as a great surprise because in his book, except for the last chapter, there is no mention of spirituality, religion and metaphysics. Gopi Krishna's endeavours appear as a historical laboratory in which he, the author, develops genuinely in himself what others have developed before him. But he re-mains independent of his fore-runners, who frequently have wound up in sterile intellectual formulae. By contrast, this self-taught, Guru-less author remains genuine in all his discoveries."

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