Friday, June 1, 2012

(video) The Animus Code: Psychological / Mystical Healing! - Occult Priestess

An inspiring and educational account of personal healing and growth. Learn about the Anima, Animus, and Jungian Shadow and how they play a part in spiritual awakening.  

This is a playlist. Each segment of the series will autoplay into the next.
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Thorough explanation of the Left and Right sides of the Body and sides of the Brain- Metaphysically Speaking Of Course!
"In a World of the Blind- the ONE eyed man is King"- "Be ye single eyed". The dynamics of the Tao relating to the Body, Brain and Pineal Gland (Third Eye).
I learned all I know from my Spirit Guides. Channeled and Produced by Rev. Korinne. :)
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