Saturday, April 30, 2011

(writing by me) Transcending Thought

Creation is a thought of ours. Thinking is not a process that happens over a period of time. Time is also a creation of thought.
We assume that there was a time before creation and then something moved a creative force to create a finite creation that will have a beginning and an ending. This is not so. We understand this through a process of thinking. Thoughts do not begin and end over a period of time. There was no time before, during, or after our creative thought. When we understand this we stand under, at the foundation. The foundation is more primary; it transcends thought. Illusion is essential to thinking, understanding and transcending. 

Only the infinite may know of finite things. To know is to trancend; to involute into and evolve out of.

1 and 0 are two ways of talking about the same thing. 1 means undivided. 0 is the quality of the undivided 1. If we can accept that reality is infinite, undivided union and that division is a finite construction, then this can only be known by the 1 that is 0 and it can only be known through the construct of division that results in creation whereby the 1 that is 0 may stand apart from itself and observe itself. Therefore we may deduce that the Creator, the 1 that is 0, is the true identity of the knower. I know this. Do you?

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