Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(article) The Mage's Guide to Adepthood - A guidebook for the solitary seeker - Aaron Leitch

If Knowledge is an ocean, than the search for it must be an abyss. Perhaps that's the key to the use of the Hebrew word "knowledge" to refer to the gate of the Abyss and the underworld. This is not exactly heartening news for the aspiring novice; especially when facing the overabundance of information presented to him (or her) in bookstores, libraries, and (worst of all) upon the internet. Far from the times of the Dark Ages and the world before the printing press, this is the Information Age and the time of the Information Superhighway. One does not tend to get far in any subject matter without a vehicle of some kind, and this especially refers to the art which we still insist on referring to as "occult" (ie- hidden).

A Mage's Guide to Adepthood - Part 1 (Silence)
A Mage's Guide to Adepthood - Part 2 (Will)
A Mage's Guide to Adepthood - Part 3 (Daring)

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