Tuesday, July 23, 2013

(Video Clip) Ken Wilber on the Pre-Trans Fallacy

Does pre-rational, pre-linguistic, animal consciousness represent the freedom, and therefore the good, that we need to get back to, or are we really looking for something on the other side of rational? - within the unitive realm of the trans-rational?

Society commonly views rational states of consciousness as the only state of consciousness with any real value. The pre-rational states were seen by psychologists as infantile states that we developed out of. Trans-rational states were not understood and were therefore not differentiated from pre-rational states. This resulted in the baby being thrown out with the bath water. However, Ken Wilber hopes to bring a new understanding into the mainstream.  You have to be somebody before you can be nobody.

 "Equipped with a new evolutionary understanding of the human psyche as it unfolds through multiple structures of development, Ken noticed a core confusion that made it very difficult to discern between the lower stages and the higher stages."

Click on the title, above, to watch the video clip.

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