Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(Writing by me) True Will and Altruism - Why?

First, some quotes and background information.
God sleeps in the rocks, stirs in the plants, dreams in the animals, and finally awakens in man. - Vedic Proverb  
Quoting from article:
"All religions from the time of Babylon have adopted (in one form or another) a Trinity doctrine or a triad." 
"The contemplation of this figure leads to an understanding of one of nature’s most common forms of growth, growth by accretion or accumulative increase, in which the old form is contained within the new." 
"The vertical side named by Osiris represented the three vital principles: Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. The long horizontal side named by Isis was the expression of the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Finally, the hypotenuse named by Horus showed five divisions, representing the five stages of the development of Life: Minerals, Plants, Animals, Humans, and Enlightened Ones." 
"The fivefold symmetry of the hypotenuse symbolizes the development of life in its evolution toward the Light." 
"The five sections demonstrated the theoretical distance separating the different realms. One fifth is the evolution from mineral to plant, one fifth from plant to animal, one fifth from animal to human, but the true fulfillment of the full humanity needs the last fifth of the scale to be completed." 
"Above the natural human being is the one who has made himself [or herself] the subject of the Great Work, who is adept, master and Magus. The Human being who completes the Great Work by becoming one with the Father, even as the line of Horus in this triangle, completes itself by arriving at the point whence the line of Osiris descends."

The first part of the soul to reawaken is the animal soul. This part of the soul is predominantly blind animal instinct; hard core ego without intellect, capable only of fleeting moments of altruism towards other members of its pack etc.. Next the intellect awakens. As the intellect is more fully developed, eventually the result is an ability to conceive that the division between subject and object is an illusion created by the ego. In time, a third part of the soul will awaken (or the individual will awaken to it) leading to an ability to move beyond the intellect and directly experience the union of subject and object.
For now though, back to the intellect. As the intellect matures, fleeting, instinctual, feelings of altruism towards others may be replaced by more enduring intellectual principles for having an altruistic feeling towards someone, or something, besides the ego. Also, along with the intellect comes the ability for self reflection, and, some have, to a greater or lesser degree, through self reflection, been able to resolve a great deal of inner conflict, allowing for a calm sense of peace to emerge within, or, you could say, towards themselves and also towards those with whom they share a sense of connection; whether it be family, friends, fellow countrymen, other members of the human race, etc. Therefore, in both intellectual and eventually more direct types of experiences, the sense of peace within and towards the self can extend beyond the ego, to a greater or lesser degree, based on the development of the individual, resulting in an experience of peace and love applied within a broader context of self. From the ego's point of view, however, this would appear to be altruism towards "others."

True will has to do with the surrender of the ego, to something that is higher than the ego and, from the perspective of the ego, appears to be separate from itself. At some point, the ego is forced to concede that it is not in control. There is a movement occurring, of the infinite All, and the ego is like a leaf being tossed around in the waves of a raging river that is furiously flowing along in it's own course, and the ego is not the cause of it, nor is it in control of it. What the ego doesn't understand, of course, is that the river is like a rope, and the ego is like a knot in the rope. When the ego surrenders, the knot is released, and the sense of self shifts from being the small, limited, knot of the ego, to being the rope, the raging river itself. When this happens, the sense of self moves into a oneness of being with that which previously seemed to be something outside and separate. This is when one is doing their True Will and the conflict and sense of separation between self and the raging river is resolved.

"I Am the Knot in the endless cord of life,
binding Past to Future in the eternal Present.
I am Aleph and Tav,
Beginning and end.
All that was,
And all that shall be,
Now is,
For in mine eyes time is not.
Therefore am I the outset of the quest,
And also the goal thereof,
And I am the Way of Life." -  Paul Foster Case - Book of Tokens

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