Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(video clip) Hiah Park - Shaman Healer

A man walks in off the street into a gathering of shamans and finds himself spontaneously being drawn into a healing ceremony with Hiah Park which quickly renders him unconscious for a period of time. While his soul hangs precariously between the worlds, the situation grows very serious at one point and some of the shamans begin to fear that he may die. Eventually Hiah manages to bring him back with the assistance of one of the elders. When he awakens he finds that he has been rid of addictions which had been troubling his life. Some of the other healers present, especially the men, are shocked by the sexual expression involved in her healing. She has an interesting discussion about this with the other members of the group after the healing session is over.

Click the title above to watch the video clip.

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